Tanicushion® is carefully handcrafted one by one by artisan.

Today, Tanicushion® is carefully handcrafted one by one in Japan, with attention to detail in every step of the process, from cutting the fabric according to complex plant patterns, to sewing, cotton filling, and embroidery.

The director is a artisan who was born in a long-established futon shop and has experience working at the forefront of top domestic maisons.

Tanicushion® is the result of a new idea that has been turned into a wonderful product by the hands of these artisan.

Attention to materials and comfort.

Tanicushion® is designed to touch your skin, put your head on it, and bury your face in it, and we have chosen materials that are thoroughly comfortable to hold. Our goal is to create a cushion that can not only decorate your room as an interior, but also be placed by your side when you are relaxing.

The lining is made of natural cotton with a raised finish, and the fluffy cotton is padded to give it a three-dimensional succulent look.

One of the main features is that you can hug the spiky succulent.

Value the natural patterns of plants.

We believe that the shapes created by plants are the highest form of natural beauty. Therefore, instead of the usual rectangular or round cushions, we try to bring out the curves and shapes of the plants themselves to the maximum extent possible, and pursue a sense of surprise and reality that makes you think the cushions are real plants.

In addition, the scientific name of the plant, its Japanese name, and the name of the variety are provided so that people can become interested in the plant through Tanicushion®.

We hope that through the cushions, many people will come to love plants. We hope that the cushions will encourage people to love plants.